As we now have entered the new year, we’d like to reflect and take a little look at the year 2020. Even though the past year was truly unusual to us all, many new and amazing things happened within our DocStarter team!

Most of us will remember the year 2020 for corona and the challenges resulting from this pandemic. Similarly to other workplaces, the amount of remote work also increased drastically in our DocStarter team due to the pandemic. Luckily, we have invested strongly on versatile and modern tools, so shifting to remote work and remote meetings went very smoothly. When the team spirit is high and the connections work well, the work gets done even if the people are spread across the Helsinki Metropolitan area!

There was a lot going on with DocStarter in 2020, and we were able to create several new features that make the document creation process even simpler and smoother than before. Developing the application is an always ongoing process, and we constantly think of new ways to make the document creation process more efficient and intuitive for the users of our application. We got very far in 2020, so it’ll be great to continue from here. As a side note, we’re proud to say that DocStarter is now in January 2021 a registered trademark in Finland, EU, USA, Norway, and Russia!

We’re particularly happy about all the new professionals that decided to join our amazing DocStarter team: we got three new employees in 2020. All our DocStarter employees come from various different backgrounds and have very versatile education and work experience. This makes our team diverse and means that our skills and expertise are very wide-ranging. We think this is one of our major strengths as a team: we have expertise and knowledge of a wide array of fields and situations. Our team spirit is very high, and if one of us encounters a problem of some sort, they can be almost certain that one of the teammates can solve it. In other words, we have an amazing team here, and it’s a pleasure to work in this team!

All in all, this year was filled with joy and success despite the unusual circumstances. Finally, we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all our customers and partners and wish everyone a Happy New Year 2021!