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DocStarter is a new tool to automate the creation of any kind of Word document. Whether you need a bid or an offer, a contract or a project specification, DocStarter makes document creation automatic and easy, saves your time and minimizes errors while using your dedicated business templates. DocStarter is M-Files compatible.

Forget cut-and-paste when creating a document. Each DocStarter document is of high quality and fast and easy to customize for each client.

Key benefits:

  • Save time and money – faster process, less need for labor
  • Increase employee satisfaction – make routine work easy to focus more on meaningful tasks
  • Improve quality – better looking, more appropriate documents
  • Harmonize – ensure brand and layout consistency
  • Secure – improve data security and reduce the risk of information disclosure
  • Replace other software – no need for less effective tools
  • Enable fast growth – supports extended operations and internationalization

The documents created with DocStarter include metadata, based on which you can track the number of created documents, their authors, and other information that helps plan the future of your business.

DocStarter keeps track of all necessary document templates so that they are easy to find at any given moment. All the material necessary to create professional documents of consistent quality is easy to find in one central location by anyone in the company.

Obviously the users can customize their Word documents by adding desired content.

Utilize existing approved materials.


Parts of documents and all necessary templates are saved separately in the database.


Later all material, information and templates are easy to find, …


re-use and update all at once.


Automate data import from any database, such as your ERP…


Finalize by harmonizing the document naming convention for your company, create folder structure and save document in the right folder.

DocStarter reforms the document creation process, enabling fluent, controlled and very fast document creation with minimum errors.

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